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Velodrome Track Closure



*EXCITING NEWS* you can now own a piece of cycling history - to get your hands on our world-famous boards, please contact EMERGE. www.emergerecycling.co.uk 0161 223 8200 Option 2. Mon – Fri 8.30 – 4. New Smithfield Market M11 2WJ

From Saturday March 24th we’re pleased to confirm our track will undergo a planned maintenance programme to completely replace the Velodrome track and associated facilities, which have reached the end of their natural life. 

The works, including brand new Velodrome track boards, will mean that both local residents and riders along with community cycling groups continue to have access to the very best, high quality cycling facilities, sharing and riding the same boards as the world-class Team GB Cycling squad. 

Access to the Velodrome and concourse will be unavailable from Saturday 24th March through to Monday 28th May 2018. For clarity, this will impact all areas within the Velodrome, including the track, track centre, under the Rider’s D and the concourse area. 

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to invest in our National Centre, the home of British Cycling and the growth of track cycling in Manchester. 

Alongside the current regular public timetable, we have also introduced additional Track taster sessions before we reach the end of March...improving access and availability to the track pre-works to make sure you have the chance to ride our world-famous boards…please book your session NOW

Public sessions to ride the new track will be available to book after Monday 30th April. 

Please contact the centre if you have any additional questions or queries on this investment and work.




After investigating options for recycling the old track to maximise recycling opportunities for social value and sustainable disposal we appointed EMERGE (a local Social Enterprise company located in East Manchester) to remove the timber track for reuse and resale.

The old timber will be removed and prepared, ready to repurpose. Examples of reuse are being made available for sale to local builders and DIY enthusiasts or used to create a bespoke piece of furniture or framed as a memento which are also sold to the general public. To own your piece of cycling history contact EMERGE. www.emergerecycling.co.uk 0161 223 8200 Option 2. Mon – Fri 8.30 – 4. New Smithfield Market M11 2WJ

Can I still store my bike? 

Yes, for those customers that have purchased bike storage, your bike can remain stored at the venue for the duration. 

Can I access my bike? 

Between SATURDAY 24TH MARCH and MONDAY 28TH MAY 2018, you will not be able to access your bike.  If you think you may need it during this time, you should make arrangements to remove it prior to 24th March. 

Can we come and watch the workers laying the track? 

Unfortunately not, it will be a closed construction site. 

Why is this being done now? 

Track surface doesn’t last forever.  The dates have been chosen now to coincide with an annual track cycling calendar in order to provide the least disruption to as many users as possible. 

Will my accreditation lapse? 

If you have already ridden an SQT in 2018, your accreditation will not lapse.  For those who lapse during the works we’ll provide a simple reinstatement assessment process. For those who had already lapsed then our standard “Returning Rider” process will apply. 

Can I be first to ride the new boards? 

We’ll announce details of the track reopening programme closer to the time. 

Will you accept Michelin / dual compound / coloured tyres on the new boards? 

Until we have the opportunity to test these, then please assume not.