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Manchester Schools Wattbike Championships 2021-22

What is this?

Simply put, this is usually Velodrome Track racing for Manchester School Pupils in Years 7 & 8.

As the Velodrome is being refurbished, we're moving the MSTC over to our Wattbikes!

In schools Wattbike racing, riders will work as a team to score points for their school across a Sprint and Endurance challenge. Riders will be selected by their school, then instructed on how to use the Wattbikes safely and confidently before taking part in their challenges after a structured warmup.

Teams will comprise of 10 riders making 2 teams of 5 and be 50/50 split of Boys and Girls, unless a single gender school, in which case they'll split into A & B teams for their competition.

The Challenges will be as follows: 

Peak Power - who can generate the most Watts in short burst. (averaged across the 5 rider team)
Endurance - who can cover the most distance in 3 Minutes (averaged across the 5 rider team)

There will be a prize for the top performing Boys team of 5 and Girls team of 5.

In the event of a tie break we'll use the absolute highest peak power to determine the winning squad, if this is still a tie we'll look at the Endurance distance covered. If still a tie we'll look at next best riders until the result is determined. Every Watt and Metre counts for every rider! 

What can we win?

The winning teams will earn a free hour long Intro to BMX session for their rider squads on our International Standard Indoor BMX track.

How to get involved:

To arrange your schools visit please email cyclingcentre@gll.org in the first instance.

Sessions can be on Monday, Thursday or Friday, starting at 1pm, 2pm or 3pm during term time.

The compeition will run until the End of May, to allow winning schools to book their BMX session in during the last half of the summer term.


There's no minimum age to use our Wattbikes. There is a Minimum height however, which Wattbike advise to be 5ft1. Please keep this in mind when recruiting your riders.

We anticipate you being on site for 1hr, and the activities we run are fully risk assessed.

Depending on your school trip policy you may need to conduct your own site risk assessment ahead of your visit.

Riders will need to wear suitable clothing for an exercise session on the bikes, with clean trainers essential. We encourage you to ensure each rider brings a drink and a towel as they will work up a sweat.