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Safety Information & Rider Conduct

Safety Information and Rider Conduct 

We want you to enjoy your session with us, and part of that comes from running safe sessions. Due to the nature of track riding there is an element of collective responsibility, i.e. ensuring your own and others safety through your conduct and decision making throughout the session. 

The session Coach is responsible for the session, and should be your first point of contact if you've any queries about your session.

The following notes are for guidance and should be followed by all participants in a session:


Please click here for our Track bike specifications. If you're attending with your own bike for the first time, please ask the coach to check this over for you before you take it up onto the track so we can confirm it meets our specifications. 


You must wear two layers of clothing above the waist (a t-shirt and cycling top are ideal, or two t-shirts).

You should not change clothes in the track centre, and if removing a jersey or Lycra top must wear an under vest. Changing rooms are available.

Shoulders must be covered, so singlet vests and triathlon vests or suits are not allowed, unless worn as an underlayer with another sleeved layer on top.

If you have a rear pocket in your jersey, take a handkerchief or tissue with you to clear your nose or throat, and be careful when you take your hand off the bars!

When not on the track riders should wear warm clothing.

Shoes, Mitts & Helmets

If you are hiring Velodrome shoes you must wear socks, and it is good practice anyway as it prevents chafing.

Cleats should be unworn and in good clean condition.

If using your own cycling shoes with our hire bikes please ensure you use Look Delta Cleats.

Do not walk from the riders "D" to the changing rooms in cycling shoes with cleats.

If your helmet has a peak fitted, it must be removed. No other fixings to helmets are allowed, including light(s), cameras and mascots.

Track mitts should be worn to reduce injury risk on any contact or impact – and can also be used to wipe your nose!

Please do not wear jewellery, this includes a watch or wrist heart rate monitor.

Food & Drink

We recommend you do not eat within the 2 hrs before a training session.

No drinks are to be consumed or taken onto the blue safety zone – keep them on the ramp or in the riders "D", using the bottle storage provided.

You must not eat or chew gum whilst on the track, and must dispose of any gum appropriately in one of the litter bins in the Riders D.

Rider Conduct

Coaches are present on all sessions to structure activities, offer constructive feedback to riders to assist with skills and fitness development, and to help ensure sessions are conducted safely for all participants. Please take any constructive feedback given as intended, and if needed discuss this further with the Session Coach or Lead Track Coach after the session has concluded.

Please respect your fellow riders and venue staff. Swearing or aggressive language towards or about other riders or the venue staff will not be tolerated, and could result in you being asked to leave the session.

Please welcome and make allowances for newer riders participating in your session.

Please ensure any feedback about any individuals riding, or their conduct, is directed through the session coach to take further action if necessary.

You must not spit or clear your nose onto any surface within the Velodrome.

You must not ride up or down on the ramp, must not ride in the riders "D" or on the track centre floor.

Please do not ride outside the Velodrome and then bring the bike back in as this brings more dirt onto the track surface.

Last updated: January 2018