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Returning accredited riders & UK Indoor Velodrome accreditation

There is an historic database dated from 1996 of riders who have gained accreditation via Manchester Velodrome. If your name/date of birth appears on this database, and/or if you still have your accreditation card with photo, but you have not ridden an SQT in the last six months, you will need to:

Email the Lead Track Coach via cyclingcentre@gll.org with the following details: full name, postcode & date of birth.

We will then check our records and contact you to confirm your next steps.

Assuming that you are in our historical database, the next step will be to book onto an Accreditation Stage 2 or Stage 2 Plus session, and inform the coach at the start of the session that you are a returning accredited rider.

Please note: we also recommend you ride some of our Regular Rider sessions to work on your general track fitness and confidence ahead of attending a re-assessment session.

The coach will assess you on the session, and recommend if you should progress to stage 2, 3 or 4 of the accreditation process, or be issued with Probationary Accreditation. 

Probationary Accreditation will give you immediate access to some SQTs, where you are observed and any comments recorded on a skills sheet. On completion of 4 x SQTs without adverse comment, then full accreditation is reissued.

With the introduction of a UK wide recognised accreditation scheme, each venue will be providing data of accredited riders on existing customer databases to British Cycling Membership Services. Therefore if you are a current BC member, and have a current indoor track accreditation then you will get an endorsement on your BC membership card (UKIVA) that can gain you accredited access to other venues.

Riders accredited elsewhere:

If you are accredited at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome Glasgow, Lee Valley Velopark, Derby Arena or the Wales National Velodrome, and you have a “UK Track Accreditation” endorsement on your current BC membership card, you can apply for Manchester Probationary Accreditation which gives you a shorter pathway to accessing most Structured Quality Training sessions (SQTs) at the National Cycling Centre.

See 'Probationary Accreditation' for more details in this instance.

Please note you cannot transfer a part completed accreditation to Manchester from another Velodrome, and would be required to attend Stage 1 upwards if you don't have the "UK Track Accreditation" endorsement described above.