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We're excited to announce the arrival of 12 BRAND NEW Wattbikes to further enhance the cycling offer at the national centre.


Want to improve your performance?

Nothing comes close to Wattbike as a training aid and a way of getting more active.

Access YOUR training plans. Test YOUR performance. Analyse YOUR data. Wattbike Hub is YOUR personal coach in your pocket.

Wattbike offer the closest experience to actually riding a bike on the road, whilst providing unrivalled data analysis for riders looking for quality feedback on improving their cycling performance, and can help manage individual training or fitness requirements regardless of ride experience or personal goals…improving pedal technique and general fitness.

Suitable for anyone from first timers to GB riders for general training and fitness, or to help prepare for upcoming Sportive or cycling events.

Everyone that rides a Wattbike, regardless of session, must have attended a Wattbike Workout Session (or signed the waiver available from reception).

To book, log-in or register on the right hand side. Choose National Cycling Centre from the drop down and then choose the time / session that suits you.


12 bikes, 50 minute sessions, suitable for using with your Wattbike App, for 16s and over only, must be booked in advance online, over the phone or in person. To register or make a booking please click the membership card in the right hand section

£6 per session per Taster, £50 for 10 credits to use on our 10-week Training Programme (1 credit per week). Club bookings and exclusive hire available on request.


Wattbike Workout
Provides your starting point for Wattbike - we recommend anyone wanting to ride Wattbike and continue with individual drop-in sessions or attendance on our 10-week programme to have attended a Taster.

For new riders: This session includes setting up the bike correctly for your use, using the programmed workouts & fitness and technique tests to set your goals, warm-up and cool-down, and optional use of the Wattbike Hub App (please download this to your smartphone or tablet for use in the session).

For existing riders: We'll take your straight into a workout that will be perfectly pitched to your Power Zones to leave you hanging right on the edge of your comfrot zone!

For all riders: Wear comfortable cycling clothes, either trainers or look keo or shimano spd (mtb style) cycling shoes, and bring a drink and a towel! 

Book online or by telephone 0161-223-2244 Option 3 once registered.

Wattbike Improver Course

Come along and work on your fitness over our 10-week coached programme aimed at progressing your riding technique and overall fitness alongside your training away from the centre. Wear comfortable cycling clothes, either trainers or look keo or shimano spd (mtb style) cycling shoes, and bring a drink and a towel! 

First courses begin week 26th March 2018, riders are welcome to join part way through as we'll be happy for you to join in provided we have bikes available.

Courses are £50 for 10 weeks (phone to buy then login to redeem a set of 10 voucher credits), or £6 per session (debit card payment) for those wanting to attend less frequently.

Buy your discounted course vouchers by calling 0161-2232244 Option 3 once registered, then book your course places online using your voucher credits. 

Wattbike Drop-In

Once registered with the centre, you can use the bikes to your own set session. We have plenty of availability across the week, please check on our online booking pages. Bikes must be booked in advance. Wear comfortable cycling clothes, either trainers or look keo or shimano spd (mtb style) cycling shoes, and bring a drink and a towel.

If you haven't attended any of our sessions and want to ride a drop-in session, you will need to sign a waiver available from reception. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the Wattbike Setup and usage guidance as per the official Wattbike user guides 

Club Bookings

For more information, please contact Cycling Bookings at  cyclingbookings@eastlandstrust.org 

“It's the most precise, high quality, personalised training tool I have found. Whether it's performance on the road, the pitch or just life in general, the Wattbike is the magic ingredient. I can't recommend it highly enough”.
Nic Gill - New Zealand Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach



Are all the course sessions run by a coach? 

Yes they’ll be coach (instructor) led sessions. 

Do you need to have smartphone with the Wattbike app on? 

You don’t need to have this but it can help you record data and track your progress better.

Do you have any dates and times for these courses? 

The first courses will begin w/c 26th March. We’ve plenty of intro “tasters” between now and then where you can meet the coaches and learn about the App and other features of the latest Wattbikes and our zone. 

How much does it cost? 

A taster session is £6, the course is £50 for 10 weeks