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Urban Rider

7 April 2015

Urban rider REturns for Whit Holidays 2015

Urban Rider sessions focus on skill development for beginner riders and having lots of fun. Age 8-14

3 hours of bike riding fun! You get to ride both BMX and mountain bikes (MTB) during these sessions. You’ll play games, learn new riding skills and get the best of both worlds by riding both the BMX track (indoor) and the MTB skills zone (outdoors) and being coached from our great BMX & MTB coaches.

You will definitely work up a thirst, so remember to bring a drink.

To book please contact reception on 0161 223 2244 (option3)

How do I book on a session?

You will need to register each rider taking part in the session, this can be done through on line registration on National Cycling Centre website.

Once registered please contact reception to book and pay for yoiur session.

NB: All sessions need to be booked in advance

What is included in the sessions?

You will be provided with a mountain bike, helmet and a MTB Coach and/or leader for each session. If you wish to use your own equipment you can do, it will be subject to an inspection from the coach or leader before heading out. So please ensure you have two brakes and they work, and your bike is in good working order. If your equipment is not up to being used the coach will not allow you to use it for the session.

What do I need?

Ideally bring a drink, waterproof and other clothing suitable for riding outdoors. If you have gloves and glasses these are good to have.

All sessions need to be booked in adavnce by calling reception on 0161 223 2244 (option3) When you arrive for your session please report to The National Cycling Centre reception.

Why not see what else we have to offer in the school holidays see www.superactivecamps.org

Enjoy the trails and tell us what you think  email MTB@nationalcyclingcentre.com