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Lessons and Courses

Balance Bikes - for ages 2-5 years

These sessions have a primary focus on fun. We use the flat area of the BMX track and adapt coaching depending on the needs of each child.

The coaching objective of our Balance Bike sessions are to get children ready to do a full lap of the track unassisted. 

We'd expect children to successfully achieve this in the following approximate timescales

2 years old - approximately 6 months
3 years old - approximately 3 months
4 to 5 years old - approximately 1 month

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Mini BMXer - for ages 3 and 4

This course has fewer participants to allow a greater focus on progress and enjoyment. Children progress from the flat area and move onto the track. The course focuses on basic cycling and BMX skills.

As well as skills coaching we supplement the sessions with fun games and exercises to work on fundamental movements and BMX skills.

The expected time of completion for this level is 4-6 weeks

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BMXracer - for ages 3 and 4

This course is for children that are able to ride a bike unassisted and can ride a full lap of the BMX track. Riders will start on the track itself and be introduced to the basics of pumping.

This will be slowly progressed before moving on to start hill where they will start from a certain height on the hill in a safe manner, moving at a controlled speed.

Riders will start at higher heights on the hill once assessed and approved, working towards being able to use the gates.

The expected time of completion for this level is 6-8 weeks

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Intro 2 BMX - for ages 5+

Start hills and gates aren't used during this session. Children that are new to BMX will start on the flat part of the track and learn basic riding skills that apply to BMX. They will be introduced to the track and learn basic BMX techniques such as pumping. Once these skills have been learned children progress onto performing full laps under coaches instruction.

The main focus of this course is to build confidence, basic BMX skills, group riding and braking along with National Cycling Centre track etiquette. This is all assessed through the course.

The expected time of completion for this level is 4-6 weeks.

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Learn to

Intro 2 Start Hill

Participants are require to have completed the Intro 2 BMX coure and be assessed by one of the coaches.

Riders will require a BMX starter membership, good knowledge of track etiquette and be able to ride a BMX bike competently around full laps of the track. They must also be able to demonstrate braking and controlled riding ready to show they are ready for Start Hill!

This course has more of a focus on group riding from the Start Hill. Participants are assessed on BMX track etiquette, start hill technique and group riding.

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