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Ride the Track

Intro 2 bmx

Intro to BMX is the first step on the BMX Pathway. Those new to BMX will have a gentle introduction to the BMX by starting out on the flat and learning basic riding skills that apply to BMX. Beginner riders can then move onto the track and learn basic BMX techniques such as pumping before moving onto full laps of the track under coaches instruction at all times.

The start hill and gates will NOT be ridden on this session.

The session will concentrate on confidence building, BMX basic skills and National Cycling Centre BMX track etiquette. Riders will be assessed on these and other criteria such as group riding and braking.

Once riders can execute the basic techniques the coach will pass them through to the next stage – Intro 2 Start Hill. Riders will be given a BMX Starter membership allowing them to attend a Intro 2 Start Hill

Intro 2 Start hill

Riders will have successfully completed the Intro to BMX session/s and have been assessed as ready to take part in an Intro 2 Start Hill session with a BMX starter membership 

Riders will have good knowledge of track etiquette and are able to ride a BMX bike competently around full laps of the track.

Intro 2 Start Hill sessions will focus more - on braking and controlled riding to ensure that riders are ready for the start hill. Riders will have the opportunity to try the start hill and gates under the watchful eye of the coaching team. Coaches will ensure that riders can safely descend the start hill.

There will be more focus on group riding from the start hill to better prepare -riders for the intensity of the sessions within the Progression strand of the BMX Pathway.

Riders will further be assessed on different criteria, including more on BMX Track etiquette, start hill technique and group riding.

Those who are not comfortable or ready for the start hill can be advised to return to riding the Intro to BMX session until they feel they are confident to try the start hill.

Once riders have passed the necessary criteria they will then become ‘Progressed’ and will have access to the following sessions: BMX Rider, Progression & Race Skills.

Coaches will best advise the rider as to which session to attend based on their ability and the outcome to which they look to achieve i.e. racing or recreation.


BMX Rider is for those who have been progressed from an Intro 2 Start Hill session but do not feel they are ready for the more intense coaching of a Progression or Race Skills session.

Riders will be able to ride full laps of the track including start hill and coaches will start to move away from the Intro sessions format and look into more advanced skills, but in a more relaxed and fun environment.

The session will continue to look at track etiquette, group riding and BMX skills such as pumping, but will also introduce riders to race related skills such as advanced cornering, manuals, jumping and sprint work.

Riders will also spend at least 20 minutes of the session ‘free riding’. This will be an opportunity for riders to see how a gates session runs and also how to move around the track within a gates environment. Coaches will still be on hand to advise and supervise.

Riders cannot be accredited on a BMX Rider session. Riders will have to attend either a Progression or Race Skills before being able to ride a Gates session. 

BMX Progression

Progression sessions are an intense coaching session concentrating on 1 or 2 skills over the duration of the hour.

Riders will have the opportunity to attend numerous sessions that will over time cover skills and techniques that will progress you as a rider.

You do not have to be racing BMX to attend these sessions, but for those new to racing they will aid your progression not only as a rider but a BMX Racer.

An example of techniques covered will include pumping, manuals, jumping, advanced cornering and pedalling, gates and much more.

There will be occasions where riders can experience ‘free riding’. This will be a chance for riders to see how a gates session runs and also how to move around the track within a gates environment. This will cover more on track etiquette which is a massive part of ensuring rider safety within both coached and open sessions. Riders will need to be competent within this setting along with other criteria if they wish to be accredited and move onto Gates sessions.

Riders can be assessed on a Progression session if they wish to become Accredited. 


Race Skills is for younger progressed riders only. The session focusses on racing and fun relevant to the age group, in particular strength, intensity and concentration levels. The session is aimed for those younger riders who are already involved in or want to get into BMX racing.

The session will cover all skills and techniques required to race BMX, along with fun games and exercises that concentrate on the pure enjoyment of riding your bike and preparing for BMX racing.

Coaches will ensure that riders have a great understanding of track etiquette within coaching and open sessions. Riders will also have the opportunity to be involved in mock race scenarios, which will introduce them to a race environment and familiarise them with things such as pens, moto sheets and how a race is run.

Coaches will be on hand to advise parents/guardians of local clubs and races that their child can become involved with if they so wish.

There will be occasions where riders can experience ‘free riding’. This will be a chance for riders to see how a gates session runs and also how to move around the track within a gates environment.

GATES Coaching 

Gates specific coaching sessions are only for riders who have been progressed / accredited by an NCC Coach. If you haven’t gone through one of our accreditation process then you cannot ride. The session will involve basic gate pratice for those that need the extra help as well as slightly more advanced riders wanting to go from the gate. 


Gates sessions are only for riders who have been accredited by an NCC Coach. If you haven’t gone through one of our accreditation processes then you cannot ride.

Riders will be able to ride full or half laps of the track from designated entry and exit points. Gates will be in operation 15 minutes after the start time until 15 minutes before the session ends. Riders can still roll in from the Start Hill while the gates are not in use.

The first and second straight SX lines will not be in use on an NCC Gates session, nor will the use of the SX start hill.

Riders that are seen to be disruptive or not following the correct protocol may be asked to leave the session with a potential review of their accreditation.

At busier times of the year the session capacity may be raised above the current maximum where more staff may be required. 


 An Accelerated Induction is an assessment of a rider’s ability with the chance of fast track accreditation. Riders will be assessed on multiple criteria such as track etiquette and particularly their ability to ride within a group.

The Accelerated Induction will take place within the Gates session. Each rider will be given a fluorescent bib so that they are identifiable by coaches in the session while completing their Accelerated induction. The coach will start the induction with an introductory briefing about the centre and the track, highlighting any safety protocols and rules that the track and centre operates. Riders will then be instructed on different tasks that will firstly include entering and exiting the track in the designated locations while also proving their riding ability. Induction riders will then be integrated into the gates session to see how they then ride as part of a group and their behaviour around other riders. Once the coach is satisfied that the riders have met each criteria, they can then be signed off as an Accredited Rider. Riders can then remove the bib and continue to ride the Gates sessions.

Riders wanting to participate in an Accelerated Induction must already be racing BMX and hold a current BC Race Licence. 


Access BMX is a disability inclusive session (physical & learning) which uses BMX, MTB & some adapted bikes.

The session will use the sprint straight for a warm up before going on to the 3rd/4th straight should the riders wish to do so. The adapted bikes can also be used on this part of the track.

The 1st/2nd straights may also be used and on some occasions if the riders are competent the 5m start hill but adapted bikes are not permitted on these areas at present.

The session is run by 2 qualified coaches and volunteers.