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BMX for Kids


BMX Race Skills is a great place to meet friends, have fun and learn the techniques of how to race BMX. 

The sessions will also encourage riders to take part in BMX racing, with sessions regularly being followed by a fun race. Riders who wish to progress into Club, Regional and National level racing can gain advice from the coaches about when to, and how to, approach taking up the sport. These sessions are key to any young rider’s development in the sport of BMX.

Mini BMXer 

Mini BMXer allows those 3 & 4 year olds who can now ride a pedal bike to experience our BMX track.

The session will have lower numbers with 2 coaches, ensuring your young rider has an enjoyable introduction to BMX. With skills starting on the flat and moving onto the track, riders will work on their basic cycling and BMX skills along with fun games and exercises that work on their fundamental movements.

Session will involve parent participation, but not to the same extent as Balance Bikes.

Riders will not have access to the Start Hill within this session, but there will be an opportunity to get signed off for them to access Mini BMX Racer. 

Mini BMXracer  

Mini BMX Racer allows those 3 & 4 year olds who can now ride a pedal bike to experience our BMX track.  Having riders start on the track, going over the basics of pumping. Slowly progressing riders from pumping then over to the start hill. This will include riders going from a certain height on the hill but at a controlled speed. Once assessed by the coach the riders will then be allowed to progress higher and eventually work towards doing the gates.